Silent Sales Machine Affiliates

By promoting ANY of our world class products as an affiliate, your prospects (even those who don’t initially buy anything from us) are tagged in our system to the best of our ability as your lead for which you will earn commissions based on successful sales.

Our affiliate program is set up on “first-referring” affiliate tagging with the tag expiring in 30 days. The “first-referring” affiliate is just that; the first affiliate to refer the customer is tagged as the referral partner, even if the customer clicks another affiliate’s link within the 30-day period. The 30-day period is in place to encourage affiliates to continue to promote our products. For affiliates with larger audiences and/or who produce significant sales, please contact us for our “elite-affiliate” program.


* If you think you might qualify to be on our “elite-affiliate” program (typically this means you can prove you have a large and active mailing list or website in a relevant niche) then please contact us at [email protected] to see if you qualify.

Affiliate Terms

We reserve the right to modify the terms and/or commissions and to withhold commission payments or terminate an affiliate’s account at any time, at will, and without notice.